Bucharest City Info

Our aim is to create a complete and helpful site for all visitors of Bucharest so you can enjoy the city at its real capacity, whenever you are visiting our city. Also we would like to make it as interactive as possible, so feel free always to write us if you need any help planning your trip here.

We would like to cover all the topics you could be interested in when visiting: from practical information to local’s hidden spots, trip planning, tips for working fellows or family friendly, concerts and other events.

Our team is a truly dedicated group of young professionals, diverse and active, in love with Bucharest and travelers. We are connected not just to the city but to the travelers’ needs as part of us are tourist guides in Walkabout Free Tours, another cool project of our NGO.

We wish for the future to be able to meet you in person, and welcome even more guests in online but also in an office in Bucharest. We work on opening such a place and hope to be able to help Bucharest to become more friendly and welcoming to everyone. If you have any ideas or resources on helping us to achieve this, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Walkabout Free Tours

Our first project, being now the most popular thing to do in Bucharest according to TripAdvisor (and a lot of our friends:) iis the daily free tour for visitors. We started them in 2011 with a lot of enthusiasm, and we keep on going! After a couple of months we also started a free tour in Brasov.
Join us for a 2 hours stroll in the city to discover its essentials, to ask a local about anything crosses your mind, to make new friends and get more ideas and tips on what else to explore in town. More than that – we will offer you a free map and our best recommendations!
Find out more about the schedule, itinerary and guides here.(www.walkaboutfreetours.com)
For groups or private options, please feel free to contact us in advance!

COULTOUR-al Activities

We love to explore the city and share this with friends and locals. We also think that encouraging people to seek more in their very home town will bring people closer to the city, its history, its needs for a sustainable development and healthy society.
Our free tours for locals cover various places and themes: nature, communism, street art, historical places, forgotten neighborhoods and more.
We are also partners in different city events and activities, we organize treasure hunts and other interactive activities for urban explorers.
All this is happening in Romanian language this time, but if you are curious, more information can be found here.