Bucharest being flat as a pie, bicycle is by far the most pleasant way to travel around. That’s if you stay close to parks or on bike lanes. Once getting into Bucharest traffic this can transform into a full on adrenaline race for life, perfect for extreme sports fans.

Now, there are about 7 km of official bike lanes (from more than 100 planned), mostly in the north part, around Herastrau Park and on Calea Victoriei Bld., and there’s nothing better than to have a ride in this areas in a long warm summer evening.
The most important operator is iVelo and they offer two programs:
1. Urban Service – for rapid and short use, accessible 24/7. You can bike for 30 minutes from one I’Velo Urban station to another (6 in total) for free, while for the overtime you need to pay extra from 4 to 25 lei/day, but to benefit from the program you need to buy a pass.
Start by making an online account and buy a card that will be your pass for using the bikes. The card costs 7 lei and you can pick it up from the 3 renting points listed for the relax service. There are 3 options: daily pass- 10 lei, monthly pass – 35 lei and all year long – 100 lei. More information and special prices for younger than 16 y.o. here.

2. Relax Service – renting bikes for enjoying the city. We have 3 bike renting spots, 2 in Herastrau park (north of Bucharest) and one in Tineretului (in the south). Open from April to October but please check the schedule for each period as it is different. You need you ID to rent the bikes at it costs 4 lei/hour or 15 lei/day while for youngster under 16 y.o. and pensioners, this service is free. You can find more details here
You can also find other bike operators, with similar prices or you can even ask at your hotel or hostel for this service.
Helmet is not mandatory according to the Romanian law but you can find some at the renting points.