Insights and need to know about accommodation in Bucharest

door opening inside a room for rent

Besides making sure you have your dates set up, your tickets ready and your luggage assembled properly, the most important search you are going to make is the search for a nice place to stay










Here are some insights that would set the context for you.

Bucharest is a city than can most likely suit all tastes & preferences. It has a wide range of available options and most of the places meet the standards pretty well.

In terms of budget, there is not much to worry about, for compared to the other popular destinations across Europe, the numbers tell the story of a rather cheap/affordable city in terms of accommodation (and not only that).

With the recent growing in popularity as a touristic destination, Bucharest is pretty much developing better and better infrastructure, thus you don`t need to worry about not finding a nice place nor about having to book a room too many days before your arrival.

At the same time, you have to know there is a certain growing in numbers of alternative accommodation places – like those found on Airbnb and other similar platforms like Tripping – and since the peer-review system on those sites provides some relevant guidance, you can trustfully search there.oon we will have our own picks for you to check out, here on Bucharest City Info platform.


We wish you a great stay here!



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