In the era of fast technology, in a new town, sometimes your best friend is a good app. Since Bucharest boasts the title of ‘ fastest internet in Europe’ below are some suggestions of how to fully take advantage of this and get some ‘inside’ information on what is happening in Bucharest: concerts, theater, underground events, cool places to hand out or fresh ideas for areas to visit.


Getting around BucharestBucharest city app is, in our opinion the best app to help you around Bucharest. It features maps, suggestions for itineraries through the city, suggestions for events and  concerts.

Download it by clicking the app logo to the left


Events in if you want to know what is what in the city while you are here, this app will show you at a glance, or any given day your choice of concerts, parties, cultural happening, exhibitions and much more.

Download the app by clicking the logo to the left.


WAZE – a very useful app if you are considering to rent a car and plan your own road trip around Romania. This app will keep you out of trouble by always prompting the speed limit, traffic jams ahead and coming up with the fastest route real time. 

The main benefit is that you will always get live information on the road from fellow drivers.


STAR TAXI – Recommended as one of the best taxi apps in the country. It runs for all major cities of Romania and it’s free!


Bucharest app – is one of the most reliable offline maps of the Romanian capital. We know how sometimes, as you wonder through streets and alley ways, trying to find that one pub a local told you about is a very difficult task. This app comes to the rescue. All the secrets of Bucharest at your finger tips. 


UBER – What else can be said about it? It’s the easiest way to call and pay for a cab in Bucharest. It is becoming the preferred means of transportation of the fast pace, card paying, technology reliant young generation of Buhcarest. Also, cheaper than a taxi ride;)