Bucharest’s main train station is Gara de Nord, located a bit northwest of the centre. It is very well connected to the rest of the city as it is one of the main transportation hubs of Bucharest for buses, trams, trolleys as well as the metro. The most practical area to start your trip is of course the city center. Below some suggestions of how to get there once you have arrived at the Gara de Nord.


There is a handy metro connection to the city center as you exit the platform to the far left of the station.

Runs every day between 5 am and 11 pm. Tckets cost 5 ron/2 trips or 20 ron/10 trips. More info about how to plan your trip with the underground in Bucharest you can find HERE

The metro map you may find by clicking HERE


You will be boarding the underground in Gara de Nord.

For the city center you need to take the yellow line direction Dristor 2, so the platform to the right as you are descending to the Metro. Ride 1 stop to Piata Victoriei.

Getting off the metro train, use the escalators to move up to the upper level where you will find the platform for the trains heading to BERCENI.

Ride 2 stops to Piata Universitatii – University Square or 3 stops to Piata Unirii.


Tickets you may purchase before entering the platform either at the specially designated machines or the ticket booth.

You may use a trip on any of the 4 lines of the Metro system


The trip should last for about 10 minutes


5 lei for 2 trips (1 euro)

20 lei for 10 trips (3,5 euro)

It is good to know that only cash payment is accepted in the Metro.


The day buses run from 5 am untill 11pm.

There also night buses that run from 11 p.m until 5 am. Do expect to wait longer than during the day time.


In every big junction there are ticket booths, from where you can purchase your ticket. Bucharest’s main public transportation company is called RATB, so it might be useful to look for the name on the booth. There are also automathic machines that work with cash and credit card.


Public transportation in Bucharest is the cheapest in Europe.

1,3 ron / trip (roughly 30 eurocents)

Depending on the time you plan to spend in Bucharest you may opt for a Multiplu Pass – multiple trips – blue cardboard card which will be credited with as much as you consider: 2,6 ron for 2 trips, 5,2 for 4 and so on. This card cannot be recharged.

The rechargeable card costs 1,6 ron to be issued – green plastic card – and may be recharged as many times as you need.


For a little bit of comfort, you may consider taking a taxi


Taxis are available through a special touch screen station located just before you exit the train station as you are headed directly in front from the train platform.


Always check if they are authorized and what is says on the door – the standard price is 1.4 lei/km. The cost you should expect for a ride to the city center should be around 25 ron, pending also on the traffic.

From the station to the airport a ride should be no more than 35 ron.


If you want to leave your luggage for a day escape in the city you can use the special booths located in

NORTH STATION (Gara de Nord)- 1st class ticket office lobby and OLD CITY – 44, Franceza st, next to Cremeria Emilia.

For M and M2-type lockers the pricing scheme starts from 15 Ron / 8 hours
For XXL-type lockers the pricing scheme starts from 35 Ron / 24 hours

Maximum storage period is for 48 hours. The service is available 24/7, all year round.You can also ask you friends to leave you something in the safe if needed if you provide them the code and number of the safe.

More info HERE

Drop off your luggage in the Old Town