Why nightlife & clubbing in Bucharest are so great?


Bucharest is not called The City of Contrasts for no reason – it’s a destination where you can find something for every taste and where closing time is whenever the last person leaves the show. 

The Romanian capital actually has a couple of unique ingredients for a great vibe: the people, the interior design and the entrance fees. From nonconformist bars to classic Irish pubs, eccentric clubs to lush strip shows, the interior design is fascinating: the lightning, the bar setup and the decorations are all responsible for a very social “living room” feeling.

But what is a living room without guests? With such an intimate atmosphere, it’s easy to talk to other men or women. Most of the locals are open to strangers and they don’t mind if you blend in, so most of the time you will see a melting pot of cultures on the dance scene.

As if that’s not enough to get your party mood on, most of the clubs have free entrance (some only for women), so you can do a hop-on, hop-off from one place to another.

What’s more and important to mention: Bucharest is safe. You’ll have no problem wandering the streets late at night.

Remember: no matter what you’re into, Bucharest has something for you. But first, make sure to pay a visit to Shoteria where you can find the best shots in the Old Town (from 1€ up). After you warmed up, keep in mind that there are usually 5 kind of parties:

The After Party

 If you’re looking for a place to end your night or start your day after party, you might know that Bucharest has some of the best places. Huge chill out lounges with lots of hookah/shisha, snacks, drinks and ambiental music, perfect for a late night chill or an after party refresh

Our picks are Ramayana Cafe and Krishna Cafe, so we’ll let you decide which one is best.

Now, if you think that the wild, creative and experimental nightlife scene in Bucharest is too much to handle by yourself, you can always book a pub crawl with a local party expert, who will show you the ropes. With drinks as cheap as they are in Bucharest, you’ll be able to visit multiple bars and clubs around the Old Town and taste something in every spot.

Until then, you can always keep an eye on our EVENT CALENDAR to spot live concerts and other parties going on when you are in town.