This weekend is a special one for Bucharest and for our team nonetheless – 100 (!) travel bloggers, influencers, instagramers, youtubers and social media specialists will be joining us to get the vibe of the city & share it with their audiences throughout the world.

As always, we are ready & set for delivering the first impression, the spicy details, the valuable insights + the human connection we all could benefit from when travelling to a new city.

Our goal and the goal of #experienceBucharest project is to reach them so they would reach you.

In this respect, our team of local guides will provide for our guests the first and the best tour in Bucharest (according to your reviews, that is 😊) also known as the Walkabout Free Tour (see link for details) & the amazing Wildabout Tour in Delta Vacarești, – an immersive experience inside the only urban natural park in Europe, a place that has an amazing story of how an ecosystem prevailed in the midst of a city. (see link to read a nice review from one of our guests)

If you are in Bucharest or plan to be here soon, don’t hesitate to reach us & see for yourself.

You can find us offline @Gloria Jeans coffee shop (the one in the old town) or online at

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